Grab an SSD bargain with the latest Ebay voucher

There’s a new Ebay voucher code doing the rounds in the UK today that will take up to 15% off a bunch of products from selected sellers until August 14th. For PC gamers, you’ll want to head to Box Deals, the discount arm of, which I’ve highlighted good stuff from in the past. There are loads of deals to be had on all sort of PC components, but the ones I wanted to highlight today are its various SSD deals, nearly all of which beat the current prices you’ll find over on Amazon. If you’ve been hankering after a Samsung 860 Evo or a WD Black SN750, now’s the time to pick one up on the cheap.

All you need to do is use the offer code PACKUP15 at checkout, which will take up to 15% off the price of your order. Naturally, there are some terms and conditions that apply to said code. You’ve got to spend at least £20 for it to take effect, for example, and you can only claim a maximum of £60 off a single item. Still, there’s no danger of hitting that limit with the SSD deals I’ve listed below, most of which have a tasty £10-20 shaved off them.

The 500GB Samsung 860 Evo is a particularly good deal right now, as you’ll currently pay £69.50 for it over at Amazon, while the 1TB WD Blue 3D NAND will set you back just over £90. As a result, these are great buys if you’re in the market for a SATA SSD, as these are two of the best SATA SSDs you can buy right now.

If you’ve got a motherboard that supports faster NVMe SSDs, however, then the two WD Black SN750 drives are also well worth considering. These cost £88 and £155 respectively on Amazon right now, making these Ebay deals much better value for money. The same goes for the slightly older, but still very good Samsung 970 Evo, which was my number one recommendation for the best NVMe SSD you could buy until its newer 970 Evo Plus sibling came along. Generally, the 970 Evo hasn’t been in stock for absolutely ages, but I found it still offers nigh-on identical speeds to its newer Plus sibling, making it a great buy if you want one of the best NVMe drives around. This will set you back £137 at Amazon right now, so grab this Ebay bargain while you can.


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